With over twenty years of experience in the manufacturing and supply of QUALITY and INNOVATIVE products, two key concerns: STEELWORLD Roofing Systems cc and RICKFORD Investments (Pty) Ltd have introduced to the market - DURAWORLD Enterprises Group of companies. As an active player in the housing industry within South Africa, we have developed into a dynamic company. The DURAWORLD Enterprises Group of companies brand is a strategic evolution, to advance our position and assertiveness in supply of quality products across the housing industry.

With a strong perspective on QUALITY, INNOVATION and SUSTAINABILITY we guide our vision as forward thinkers. The DURAWORLD Enterprises Group of Companies is now more than just another steel roofing, light weight steel truss and roof tile manufacturer. Our Capabilities of manufacturing and supplying of robust roofing systems and roof sheets is now extended to the supply of quality DURA branded products.

QUALITY and INNOVATION have always been the bench mark of the company’s operations and client services. STEELWORLD Roofing Systems has solidified its position in the Bulk housing sector in SA and DURAROOF’s exceptional production line of Quality Roofing Tiles cater for the various markets in and around South Africa and its extension into the African continent allows product availability in a few countries. We pride ourselves in exceptional services and are renowned for our capabilities to progressively involve our products and services in all projects we are part off. DURAWORLD Enterprises Group proudly associates its brands with the knowledge of the end user as the benefactor. Visit our companies sites to see what we offer to suite your construction needs.

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