Thanks to our diverse range of products, Efekto continues to take pole position in consumer garden and home pest control. For every pest challenge that the homeowner and gardener experiences, we have a reliable and effective solution. Our products sit in two main categories: Home Protection and Garden Protection.

Efekto Home Protection solutions include foggers, insecticides, rodenticides, pesticides and sprays. One of our most popular insecticides is AnTrap, a clever device that lures ants to its pre-filled ant bait stations so they can pass the bait on to the rest of the colony. Other well-known products in the insecticide range are Fendona, Bio Kill Classic and No Roach. Home owners who battle with rodents are familiar with the Supa Kill Rat & Mouse Bait or Blocks, as well as the Concentrate and Bait Box. Along with the Ridak, Rodex and Storm brands, each of these products provides the consumer with a reliable and effective pest control solution, along with Bio Kill, No Insect, Zero Roach and Fumitabs.

Efekto Garden Protection includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and molluscicides. The fungicide range covers Funginex, Kumulus WG, Lime Sulphur, Steriseal, Virikop and Kumulus WG Efekto’s herbicides are among the most popular on the market with names such as No Weed, Roundup, and Banweed all dominating shelves in gardening retail outlets.

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